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14 Chapel Street | Dunfermline, KY12 7AW | 01383 732778

Penny Denholm BSc (Pod) MChS

Penny is practising podiatry and chiropody from a private room within Complete Hair and Beauty. Complete is a friendly, welcoming environment and is very centrally located at 14 Chapel Street, Dunfermline, Fife. To find us, please click the Contact link above.

There is ample private parking outside for clients as well as disabled access. I will be available for appointments in Dunfermline on Wednesday,Thursday and Saturday and will also have after hours appointments available on week days. To make an appointment please contact Complete on 01383 732778.

I aim to provide a high quality, friendly and reliable podiatry and chiropody service for my patients, with appointments allocated a slot of up to one hour.

Podiatrist or Chiropodist ?

A frequently asked question is what is the difference between a podiatrist and a chiropodist. The simple answer is that podiatry is a more up to date version of chiropody. A podiatrist can do everything a chiropodist can, and more. For example, a podiatrist is able to perform nail surgery, carry out biomechanical assessments (check how your feet perform) and supply you with certain prescription only medicines.

Be sure to check that your podiatrist is registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). The HCPC will also confirm that your practitioner is qualified to perform local anaesthesia (essential if carrying out nail surgery) and that they are able to supply prescription only medicine.

For further information about the HCPC and to check my registration, please see the Links section below.

Your podiatrist has extensive medical knowledge, particularly regarding conditions such as diabetes, stroke and rheumatoid arthritis, all of which may have an effect on your feet. They will be able to give you invaluable advice regarding your health and that of your feet.

In order to maintain their registration with the HCPC, all podiatrists must be able to demonstrate that they are continually learning in order to keep their skills and knowledge up to date with current standards. You can check my registration status by clicking on the link below. I am also a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. You can find further information about the society by visiting the link in the Links section below.

Prices and Treatments

Nail Treatment (£25)
Many people are unable to reach their own toenails due to difficulty bending or arthritic hands. Or perhaps you just find your nails unmanageable due to thickening or a fungal infection. You may be experiencing pain from ingrown nails and if this is the case this treatment will help.

You may find this service useful if you suffer from diabetes, as you may have been advised not to cut your nails yourself but find it difficult to access a nail cutting service through the NHS.

Skin Treatment e.g corns, hard skin (callus) (£25)
Corns and callus are very common and can be very sore. This treatment involves the removal of corns and hard skin to give you increased comfort.

Combined Nail and Skin Treatment (£32)
This treatment is for people who require their nails to be cut and also the removal of corns and/or callus.

Verruca Treatment (£15)
Verrucas are extremely common and are caused by a viral infection. Because of this they can be very difficult to treat and there are no guarantees of success. I have a range of treatment options available, but several appointments may be required. I will discuss the various options with you on your initial appointment.

Foot Treatment Supplies (prices on request)
I am also able to supply a range of foot creams, orthotics, paddings, insoles etc.

Contact Details & Opening Hours

Address: 14 Chapel Street
Dunfermline, KY12 7AW

Phone: 01383 732778


Opening Hours:
Wednesday & Thursday
10:00 am till 6:00 pm
9:00 am till 1:00 pm
After hours appointments available.

Please note I am currently working in Edinburgh on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please also note I am no longer taking on any new home visits at the moment.